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Client Testimonials

“Mr. Jagiani represented my company in a proceeding to obtain a RPAPL 881 license in a large real estate development project. Despite the fact that the matter was very contested, Mr. Jagiani was able to get us the license in a few months and we were able to complete the project. He did a tremendous job for us.”

-Robert, Real Estate Developer     

“My husband was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Needless to say, it was a very scary experience. We retained Mr. Jagiani and he was great from the beginning. He helped us deal with the police, insurance companies and the various specialists my husband had to see due to his injury. When the defendant refused to offer us a reasonable settlement, Mr. Jagiani sued them and got the case resolved. I would absolutely recommend him.”


"I was involved in a serious head on collision with a driver who was high on prescription medication with my two-year old daughter in the car.  Mr. Jagiani helped me deal with the district attorney and insurance company and got me a great settlement.  He is a fabulous lawyer."


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