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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation 

Jagiani Law Office, PLLC is often called upon to represent parties involved in disputes emanating from the real estate and construction industries. As even seemingly minor matters can involve a tangle of complicated procedural rules and regulations, clients should retain an attorney who is not only knowledgeable about the issues, but who is willing to go to court if the situation requires it.   

Construction Litigation

Even in the best of circumstances, construction in the New York City market is fraught with risk and complication. Any project impediment can cause costs to skyrocket and impact the bottom line.  It is imperative to have counsel that not only understands the nuances of the applicable law but also understands how things get built in New York City.

Jagiani Law Office, PLLC often represents property owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors and other parties involved in the construction industry in a myriad of construction related claims and matters.

Areas of Focus Include:

Contractual defaults

Defense and prosecution of complicated construction claims

Mechanics' liens


Property damage

Alternative dispute resolution

Trust fund diversion claims

Insurance coverage and disputes

Defense of New York Labor Law claims

Real Estate Disputes

As even the smallest of properties in the New York City area can command sky high valuations, any litigation involving real estate can involve significant exposure. This fact, when coupled with the numerous law and regulations that govern even routine real estate transactions, require an attorney that is familiar with an often-complicated legal landscape.  Jagiani Law Office, PLLC often represents property owners, commercial tenants and real estate developers in real estate matters throughout the New York City area.

Areas of Focus Include:

Breach of contract claims

Commercial landlord tenant matters

License matters

Boundary disputes

Property damage

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